PsychoPy3 PsychHID based Keyboard API

Originally posted March 20th, 2019. Background In an earlier post we used a MilliKey response box to test the time stamping accuracy of three different Python accessible keyboard event APIs when receiving 1000 Hz MilliKey USB keyboard events: psychopy.event.getKeys() psychopy.iohub…keyboard.getPresses() Psychtoolbox Python PsychHID() and found that Psychtoolbox PsychHID Python interface provided the most accurate keyboard event time stamps across… Continue reading PsychoPy3 PsychHID based Keyboard API

PsychHID Rules!

Originally posted on Marth 11th, 2019. I spent some time last weekend using the MilliKey response box to test the keyboard event time-stamping accuracy of the PsychToolbox3 PsychHID library written by Mario Kleiner. Given my love of Python, I had to try out the psychtoolbox Python wrapper of PsychHID and compare it to psychopy.event.getKeys() and psychopy.iohub keyboard.getPresses(). This… Continue reading PsychHID Rules!

Test Visual Stimulus Onset Timing using Keyboard Events !?

Originally posted on March 6, 2019. In this post we look at how to use the MilliKey DeLux light sensor upgrade to test visual stimulus onset timing using PsychoPy Coder by checking for a keyboard event. The MilliKey DeLux is an affordable and easy to use light sensor attachment for MilliKey response boxes. The MilliKey DeLux can generate light… Continue reading Test Visual Stimulus Onset Timing using Keyboard Events !?

Testing PsychoPy event.waitKeys() Event Timing

Originally posted on February 27, 2019. As discussed in my last post, the LabHackers’ MilliKey button box includes the ability to generate 1000 Hz USB keyboard events after receiving a KGEN serial command. (BTW, the USB2TTL8 also supports the KGEN command.) One of the main uses of the KGEN command is to test keyboard event timing from within your experiment… Continue reading Testing PsychoPy event.waitKeys() Event Timing